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Toyota Magazine 2017 Media Kit CoverAre you ready to reach thousands of dedicated Toyota & Outdoor Enthusiasts 24/7, forever?

Toyota Cruisers & Trucks (TCT) Magazine is the only Digital + App + Print + Web (DAPW / All Platform) magazine dedicated to Toyota enthusiasts on the planet. We publish Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine 4 times annually and our digital and web versions are FREE for anyone to download. We offer limited quantities of our Collectors Edition printed issues, and our iOS (iPad + iPhone) or Android (Tablet + Phone) app subscription is just $9.99/year. We limit ads in each issue to 20%, ensuring our amazing content shines while enhancing the effectiveness of your advertising partnershiop.

As one of the original and only DAPW magazines (our original FJC Magazine pre-dates the iPad by 2 years), TCT offers a level of audience engagement not found in any other off-road or 4x4 publication. Our dedicated readers are adventurers, enthusiasts, and are as passionate about their vehicles as we are about our content.

While our readers love thier Toyota vehicles, they also enjoy a wide variety of activities, and generally spend more than $1,000/year on modifications and outdoor gear. Most travel on dirt for activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and backpacking on a regular basis. Please see our latest Annual Readers Survey (just updated for 2017 for full details.

2017 Reader Survey

Uncompromising editorial standards, cutting edge publication technology, compelling reviews and technical details, and world-class photography combine to bring the absolute finest Toyota content to our readers each quarter. Unlike other genre publications, our seasonal based publishing schedule allows us to get current news and information (such as our annual SEMA Show coverage) in the hands of thousands of readers days after the event. 

Advertisements in Toyota Cruisers & Trucks will build your brand and provide measurable referrals for years to come. We accomplish this feat in several ways:

First, your ad is linked in the digital versions and reaches 40,000+ enthusiasts with every issue. Not only do you get the branding you're accustomed to with traditional publications, but you can track actual visitors to your site from our magazine.

Your ad is also included in the Web version of TCT Magazine, so you benefit from the nearly 1,000 keyphrases we rank highest on with search engines through additional referrals to your site. Unlike traditional magazines, Toyota Cruisers & Trucks lives online forever so your ad will work beyond the three-month publishing cycle. Your ad will be working for you for years to come.

Your ad can reach 200,000 active enthusiasts each year, and that reach will always grow since each issue of our magazine is immortal. With referral rates of up to 25%, you can expect thousands of new customers learning about your brand with each issue.

Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Advertising Benefits

To start reaching our dedicated audience today, contact Shane Williams (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or submit our Contact form.

For more information on TCT Magazine, you can also download our Media Kit.

Also, view & download our Ad Specifications for quick reference.

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